Mediterranean Bay Leaves

Grown on the Dalmatian Coast, hand picked and air-dried for the best aroma possible.FIND OUT MORE!


Mediterranean Oregano

The true Greek oregano, like nothing you've tried before!FIND OUT MORE!

Mediterranean Thyme

The intense floral and honey-like aroma of this species will take your dishes to a whole new level!FIND OUT MORE!


Coarse Black Pepper

The special grind of our Malabar Pepper cultivated on India's Malabar Coast, imparts a hot bite and a fruity flavor.FIND OUT MORE!


California Garlic

Made exclusively from premium dried Californian cloves, our granulated garlic will complement almost any savory dish.FIND OUT MORE!

New Ground Cinnamon

Our premium "Grade A" cinnamon from Indonesia has the highest concentration of essential oils delivering a spicy, sweet and warm aroma.

Premium Quality Spices

Gratia Spice Co. is an importer of premium quality spices and herbs from the Mediterranean and around the world.FIND OUT MORE!